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New ID by cutipie411 New ID :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 1 0 Mermaids by cutipie411 Mermaids :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 4 2 Sun on a Hill Redraw by cutipie411 Sun on a Hill Redraw :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 1 0 Commissions are Open! by cutipie411 Commissions are Open! :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 0 0
Commissions are Open!

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WhAT by cutipie411 WhAT :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 22 2 Those Toys Weren't Even Cute by cutipie411 Those Toys Weren't Even Cute :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 16 5 BEFORE AND AFTER by cutipie411 BEFORE AND AFTER :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 2 0 love is warRRR by cutipie411 love is warRRR :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 4 0 Sailor Moon!! by cutipie411 Sailor Moon!! :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 6 2 WIP by cutipie411 WIP :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 1 3 Kyls Espiritu by cutipie411 Kyls Espiritu :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 2 3 Ayame!! by cutipie411 Ayame!! :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 4 0 cHARACTER SKETCHES by cutipie411 cHARACTER SKETCHES :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 6 0 Oc Meme by cutipie411 Oc Meme :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 0 2 Handwriting Meme by cutipie411 Handwriting Meme :iconcutipie411:cutipie411 0 0
This is where my art is placed.


Cuddle Cravings. {NorwayxReader}
Norway was never good with words. He couldn’t seem to find them when he needed them most. He was an independent soul but every now and then, the ache of loneliness dawns on him. Normally, he’d go bug his younger brother Iceland until the younger nation would give in a give him a reluctant hug. But it had seemed that no one was around to lighten the heavy weighted feeling. Just when he felt ready to give up and go sulk about it for a while, he happened to stumble upon you quietly laying on the couch; playing your ds.
He could hear the music of the game from across the room. You looked so comfy on the couch under your blanket while you played. He was curious to see what you were playing, but he didn’t want to really impose on your free time. Just as he turned on his heels to carry on his own way, he heard his name called out.
“Hey Lukas. What’s up?” You had called when you saw him lurking about in the corner of your eye.
He gently flinched before cauti
:iconhetaliasdouble0ninja:hetaliasdouble0ninja 55 5
High Tides by emi-ku High Tides :iconemi-ku:emi-ku 129 43
The witch, chapter 1 (Norway X reader)
“Get her!” A deep voice yelled at the other men behind him. I could feel the tears on my cheeks as I ran down the narrow streets, I had gotten a head start by running out of the backdoor, but they were narrowing in on me. For a moment I resented having to carry the three-year-old in my arms, but just one look into his tired, confused eyes, made me hug him tighter to my chest and try to forget how much it was slowing me down.
“You can’t let her get away!”
“Come on, you can run faster than the girl!”
I just had to get to Arthur’s house, we’d be safe there. It wasn’t too far, if only I could make it before they caught me. Lukas would be waiting for me there, I just knew it, he told me he would be if this ever happened.
I could feel Emil’s chubby toddler hands grab onto my dress as I willed my legs into running faster than I ever had before. I had to get there, I just had to, and soon, I couldn’t keep on running
:iconjgry:JGry 72 24
Mythical Beasts by Cioccolatodorima Mythical Beasts :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,918 218 Egg dance by JeanRyde Egg dance :iconjeanryde:JeanRyde 463 48 Art trade by maniac-lament Art trade :iconmaniac-lament:maniac-lament 2 5
AmericaXReader ~ Driving
You gave one last wave to your friend Arthur as you exited the library and made your way to your car. It was nearly six o’ clock, but at least you’d finished all of that dreadful homework. The seat felt much nicer on your back then the ones in the library had, and you happily sunk into the upholstery, a content sigh escaping from your lips.
The tranquil silence was suddenly broken by the single ‘beep’ of your phone. It looks like you’d gotten a text… and it was much too easy to guess who that message had come from. ‘Didn’t I tell Al I’d be home a little after six?’
Nonetheless you shimmied the phone out of your pocket and glanced at the text.
AL: Hey dudette, when are you coming home? We’re supposed to beat that new game you got yesterday, remember?
That was only the first unread message. The second one popped up as  soon as your (e/c) eyes had finished reading the first.
AL: Babe, why aren’t you texting b
:iconajmonkeygirl99:ajmonkeygirl99 99 85
A moment with you (Vladmir x Reader
Lesson Learned
Vladmir x Reader
You were in your classroom all alone staring outside the window. Why you were there? Well you had a wonderful ticket to detention for using one of the school's computers for checking into Hidekaz Himuraya's blog which the monitor listed as something with profanity and reported you to the teacher. Geez, you could just strangle that guy's throat…
"Stay here until 6 p.m. That's for sleeping in my class." You heard a voice from outside before the door opened to reveal a rather annoyed student who wore a top hat on his hair. You immediately recognized him. "Vladmir!" You called as the addressed looked at you, his annoyed expression fading away into a cheerful one. "_______________! Thank God you're in detention too! I thought I was going to be alone here!" He said relieved. You twitched. You didn't even want this one bit but since you had company, you guessed that you could endure the remaining 2 hours.
The light-brown haired student sat on one of the desks i
:iconvanity-808:Vanity-808 181 19
You were humming softly as you stirred the soup on the stove. It was a rather chilly summer night, but you didn't mind in the least, as you loved the night. It was always so refreshing, and it relaxed you. You poured the soup into a small bowl and stepped outside, sitting on your porch swing. Sighing softly, you took a small sip of your warm soup as you gently swung back and forth. "What a beautiful moon there is tonight. It's full." you smiled to yourself.
You lived near a lush, dark woods. It was a place you never entered. Looking towards the trees, you couldn't help but feel a small tinge of fear as you thought about the different creatures. Things you knew that were out there. You were a scaredy-cat, to say the least. Believing in ghosts and spirits and other mythological creatures ever since you were little, you had always been superstitious.
You finished your dinner feeling full and content. Suddenly, a rather ominous wind breezed past you, and a shiver went up your spine. You lo
:iconnekochoco-chan34:nekochoco-chan34 353 138
How people see me by kawacy How people see me :iconkawacy:kawacy 11,133 824
Mars has water?? [PM dub!!]
You know, I was kinda sad in my previous journal post but then I saw this!
Thanks to philsterman10 for dubbing and making this video!! :D
:iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 172 55
Mature content
RomaniaxReader: Guilty at Birth [Oneshot] :iconindigodreams100:IndigoDreams100 97 49
Mars' Water? by Cioccolatodorima Mars' Water? :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,692 128
Mysterious Devious Journal Entry??
Teacher's Everyday Noon Break
A (mostly) wordless comedy comic about a group of teachers interacting every lunchtime!
Characters so far:
Math Teacher, Fine Arts Teacher, Home Economics Teacher, Music Teacher, Language Teacher, Science Teacher, Physical Education Teacher, Social Studies teacher and the frequently lost Foreign Language Teacher.
(This is an experimental comic. This is an idea I came up while talking with some of my friends. It is a challenge for me to draw a series of strips without written words as means of communication. This might be a pain to read to some, but I enjoyed it! :D)
 btw, they are not gijinka, and also not a generalization of teachers, they just happen to be teaching those subjects haha 
 Have a fun time decoding this!! haha :iconjumpheplz:

:iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 284 115
Underwater by Cioccolatodorima Underwater :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,828 100 Sex education by kawacy Sex education :iconkawacy:kawacy 10,547 963
My favorites. Let's see if we have the same tastes



Jornelle Saint-Val
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Yo! Jornelle at your service! I've been goin at this art business for almost 5 years now and I'm glad to say that I'm loving it! I do all kinds of art like digital, traditional, animatics, etc. I strive to be an animator and continue in entertaining all kinds of people! Learn more about me here!

Pretty Pink Commissions Open Stamp by Glycyrrhizicacid


I got out of school on Friday and I immediately got lady problems ;;
I have such terrible luck ;;;
393 deviations
New ID
I painted this picture so I can relax, but then I saw my ID and thought it was really outdated so I decided to use this as my ID

Speedpaint: coming soon
Uugh by cutipie411

I remember back in the day I once said I wanted to save my old art because those were memories. I went through them and decided fuck that, all that shit is too embarrassing and not okay for the internet to keep so I erased most of my art back from my weeb trash phase.
Uugh by cutipie411

I remember back in the day I once said I wanted to save my old art because those were memories. I went through them and decided fuck that, all that shit is too embarrassing and not okay for the internet to keep so I erased most of my art back from my weeb trash phase.

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